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Not just another ‘parenting expert’ writing another ‘parenting guide’, author Fi Star-Stone offers much more than routines. She has written a friendly, fun, informative and practical approach to tackling sleep problems in little ones.

An invaluable resource for parents of young children, The Baby Bedtime Book (RRP £9.99) is THE book thousands of stressed mums have been waiting for! Fi has already helped numerous parents worldwide to ‘say goodnight to sleepless nights’ through her weekly Childcare is Fun advice service. Now let her help you too?

Fi is a broadcaster, author and blogger and editor of Childcare is Fun, a parenting web-site that hosts the UK’s only award winning, free parental advice service. Mum to two small children, Fi hit the limelight when her live twitter birth, the first in the UK, caused a global media frenzy.

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