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G2 is releasing its sixth Davina Dupree mystery story from best-selling children's author Sarah Thomas this December. The new title, Davina Dupree's Bizarre Birthday Balloon Ride, is being launched as an Ebook as it is in this format that the books have had their greatest success. The series, which launched with Top Secret Diary of Davina Dupree (Aged 10) is set at the luxury Egmont boarding school and is aimed at children aged between eight and 12. Sarah writes under the name S K Sheridan as S K are her initials - Sarah Kate - and she thinks Sheridan is a more unusual, interesting and memorable name than Thomas (her husband is from Wales where everyone is called Thomas!). In terms of sales she's sold more than 5000 self-published copies since August 2013 and her books have been amongst's school fiction bestsellers for the last ten months. All titles in the series are available as paperbacks priced at £6.99 while the Ebooks are priced at £3.99 each.

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