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No sooner had he written the foreword for Jamie Edwards' book Drawing the 92 than BBC’s Mark Chapman won the Broadcast Sports Presenter of the year award at the Sports Journalists' Association ceremony this week.

The Match of the Day 2 presenter wrote in the book: " So much of sport revolves around memories. Yes, we can revel in the here and now and celebrate achievements or wallow in another abject performance but remembering them years later is what brings fans together. 'Where were you when....' Can you remember what you were doing when....', 'What about the time when......' , all questions to bring back the warm glow or sharp pain of a sporting moment. And of course all of these memories need to be created somewhere, in one of our hundreds of sporting cathedrals. And every ground is a cathedral to a fan, no matter how large it is or where it is located.
" So that hopefully explains why one morning in December, at the Manchester Xmas Markets, I spent a good deal of time at Jamie's stall, marvelling at his 'cathedral' artwork and reminiscing with my son. We probably overstayed our welcome and cost him customers as I regaled them both with stories of watching Bryan Robson and Eric Cantona while cradling the artwork of Old Trafford. They tolerated my endless reminisces.
" The artwork in this book is beautiful but what makes it a glorious offering, is that when you arrive at the drawing of your own special ground, it will take you back to your own special place with your own special memories. " 

Discounted copies of Drawing the 92 - which feature a drawing of Mark (above) by Jamie - are still available via


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