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Every day is special because every day is unique. Something happened, someone was born and someone died. We go to bed at night when we’ve had enough of the day and then we wake up only to find another one has turned up while our eyes were shut.

This is the 365 daily poem collection in its entirety, describing and recalling world events in rhyme, one for each day of the year with an added bonus poem to take in a leap year.

The collection lists hundreds of happenings and thousands of people who in some way or other and on one day or other left their mark on our ever-changing world, to be remembered in rhyme forever.

Check out what happened on the day you were born, who came into the world on the same day as yourself and who sadly departed.

This collection - exclusively available on Kindle at just £1.99 - is a great and fun way to start the day as you take a glimpse at what happened during the twenty-four hours you are about to negotiate. It will make you smile as you realise that, indeed, every day is very special, so live it to the full before it leaves you for tomorrow.

Richard Digance CV

Richard Digance is a man of words and music. He composed the music and songs for the audio book version of Bill Bryson’s best seller ‘The Road To Little Dribbling’ and his poems are used around the world as English teaching aids.

He is a BAFTA Nominated entertainer and a Gold Award recipient from The British Academy of Composers and has over three million YouTube visits as well as performing his poems over nineteen years on Channel 4s Countdown.

As a musician he has worked with Steve Martin, supported Robin Williams at The London Palladium and played a TV guitar duet with Queen’s Brian May

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