Fly Fishing for Trout

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Whether you are an out-and-out beginner or have a little experience behind you, Little Book of Fly Fishing for Trout will prove an invaluable guide. Written by two highly-experienced fishermen, angling film-maker Richard Duplock and angling author Chris Newton, it takes you through the essentials of casting a fly successfully for trout in the British Isles, from recognition, watercraft, entomology and the fish’s world through to tackle choice and tactics. Chalkstream and upland river fishing are covered, along with lake and reservoir fishing, and there is a whole section on the challenging sport of night fishing for sea trout. The brown trout, the sea trout and the rainbow trout are introduced and explained, along with their principal foods and the best fly patterns to use for them. Beautifully illustrated with around 80 colour images, this book is a guide you can take with you anywhere.

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