Mixmaster - Get Down Here Quick & Mix Yourself a Hit!

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Telling the story of the “mixmaster” Pete Hammond’s incredible 40 year career in music production.


“Get down here quick and mix yourself a hit” lifts the lid on life behind the hits and the unique contribution made by Pete to countless hit records, many of which came to define the Stock Aitken and Waterman era and the unforgettable sound of pop music in the 80’’s


From the early days freezing his butt off in the van doing gigs around Europe, to collecting countless gold and platinum discs for his production and mixing skills for PWL,Simon Cowell and many other major labels and artists ,Pete will take you on an unforgettable journey from struggling musician to award winning record remixer and all points in between…..


With the immortal words of Pete Waterman which make the title of this book Pete did indeed “get down there” and the hits flowed and flowed.

Pete Hammond , an invaluable contributor to British pop music history”.



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