The Red One - The Inside Story of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United

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This will be the most explosive season in Premier League history; all the world’s top managers are here, and none will be bigger or more headline grabbing than in Manchester where Jose v Pep will reverberate around the world and back again.

A Tale of One City and while Pep Guardiola was a momentous signing for City, United trumped them with Jose Mourinho. The appointment of Mourinho to succeed Louis Van Gaal, who in turn took over from David Moyes, has given the United faithful their belief back.

THE RED ONE tells the story of Mourinho’s signing at Old Trafford, all the background, all the reaction, fall out, and retrospectively what really spilled over between him and Guardiola in Spain that makes their unexpected reunion in England so compelling a personal showdown.

THE RED ONE details their first encounter and the count down to this momentous season.

THE RED ONE details the inside story of Mourinho.  No one knows his antics and history at Chelsea and what we can all expect at Old Trafford better than multi-award winning journalist and writer of 78 books Harry Harris.  Such is Harry’s fascination with the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’, that this is his fifth, yes, FIFTH book, on the serial trophy winner. Harry has appeared on virtually every media outlet to discuss his move to Untied recognized as his official biographer.

It’s going to be a blockbuster of a season and THE RED ONE promises to be a blockbuster of a book, a must read for all United fans wanting to know more about their manager and for all football fans wanting to know what to expect of his showdown with Pep Guardiola.



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